Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

We all know the effects the sun’s UV rays, our lifestyle and natural ageing can have on the skin, but did you know that pollution, smog and irritants in the air can also significantly contribute to damaged, dehydrated and dull skin. 

Microscopic particles in the air combine with dirt and grim to build up on the surface of your skin and if not cleaned away these particles can get into your pores and epidermis, causing negative changes in your skin.  This can lead to accelerated ageing, clogged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, dehydration and even degradation of collagen and elasticity.   

Don’t worry, help is at hand.  Follow these simple ways to detox and protect your skin against pollution for fresh, clean, clear and healthy looking skin all day.

1. Firstly, choose a natural certified organic skincare range that is free from harsh chemicals. Pollution in the air is already contributing to irritants on your skin, so make sure your skincare products are chemical free, non-irritant and with only certified organic ingredients that are healthier for your skin.  This avoids your skincare products further polluting your skin. 

2. Cleanse your face twice a day – morning and evening. Cleansing your face thoroughly with an organic non-drying cleanser that has gentle ingredients will clean your skin of dirt and grim.  This will also make sure that your other skincare products will better penetrate the skin and protect it further from the effects of daily pollution. Try the Australian made, zk’in organics Pure Cleansing Gel with gentle cleansers and Quillaja Bark Extract, this certified organic, oil free gel, cleans away impurities and reduces shine all day long.

3. Use a toner to clear out pores after cleansing. Keeping pores clean and clear, will help stop irritants getting into the skin and make your skin smooth and fresh. For a certified organic refreshing toner, try the zk’in organics Clear Skin Toner. It has a natural astringent combined with organic Willow bark to clear out pores and lift dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.  Use morning and night for clear results.

4. Choose a daily moisturiser that hydrates and controls oil daily. As pollution builds up on your skin through the day you need a moisturiser that will hydrate the skin, but also maintains a matte, oil free finish. The Australian made, zk’in organics Rebalancing lotion is a non comedogenic, light moisturiser with clinically proven EPS Seamat, a plant based marine ingredient. It is clinically proven to reduce shine and oil within 1-hour use as well as absorb excess sebum from the skin, creating a fresh, clean, matte look all day long.

5. Use a night time moisturiser that replenishes the skin barrier to protect the skin from pollution and irritants. With Cotton Thistle Extract (Gatuline® Skin Repair Bio), colloidal oatmeal and hemp oil, zk’in organics Relief Moisturiser has natural ingredients that are clinically proven to replenish the skin barrier and improve hydration while you sleep.  This ensures your skin continues to provide a protective barrier from the effects of daily pollution.

6. Exfoliate twice a week: Finally treat your skin to a natural, certified organic exfoliating scrub twice a week to remove the ongoing build-up of dead skin cells and grim from pollution.  This will clear your pores, smooth your skin’s texture and clarify your skin.  Try zk’in organics Clarifying Exfoliator with Australian Certified organic coffee for fresh, clean skin naturally.

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