Autumn Cleansing Ritual


Autumn is here and with it brings changes to the weather and will also impact our skin. Naturopaths agree that Autumn is also the best time to cleanse, after summer festivities and when the days become that little shorter.

More Restorative Time. If you’re thinking on embarking on an Autumn Cleanse, please take note that we will not go into detoxification mode unless we allow our bodies to feel ‘safe in order to release harmful toxins into the bloodstream to get transported out through one of our elimination channels. When we’re running around like a headless chicken, our bodies need to expend energy in order to keep up, so it won’t readily go into detox mode. During cooler months, we naturally have more of a tendency to stay indoors, traditionally it’s also the time for preparing for hibernation. This will allow for the appropriate rest, restoration and reflective thinking which is essential for an optimal detox. Remember we cleanse not only the body, but the mind and spirit to make way for your best self.

Liquid meals. One of the most effective methods in order to trigger your body into detox is to consume liquids for at least one of your daily meals, substituting two if you’re a seasoned detoxer. And soups and stews are always better during the cooler months.  What’s more, is that they are incredibly versatile and amazingly filling. This is a way healthier version of intermittent fasting which is all the rage right now.

Create internal heat. Not only because it’s going to keep you warm and snuggly during the colder months but increasing your body’s basal metabolic rate improves circulation and aids in weight-loss. Exercise is an obvious one, also utilising infrared saunas to really get the body sweating and releasing toxins. You can easily increase body heat by implementing certain foods into your diet – cayenne pepper, chillies, cinnamon, ginger and apple cider vinegar.

Nourish your skin. As the weather begins to cool it’s normal for the skin to start to dry out. Combat flaky skin by these four steps:

  1. Softening Cream Cleanser
  2. Clarifying Exfoliator
  3. Natural Clear Skin Toner
  4. Relief Moisturiser

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