Say No to Microbeads!

Microbeads? What? Huh? With everything going on in the environment at the moment, we have heard this word bounced around, but do you really know what it is?  

Microbeads are micro plastics which are usually found in our skincare products from exfoliators to toothpaste. Doesn’t sound so bad right? However as they are micro plastics, they can’t be recycled/filtered and usually end up in the ocean harming sea life, eventually ending up in the stomach of fish and sea animals. They’re too small to even be caught up infiltration systems which means to an extent even we consume microbeads (!!).

Many beauty companies, like zk’in itself are working towards a more organic, environmentally friendly approach of beauty which involves in not using microbeads in any of their products.  

So what can you do to help?

  • Check the ingredients of the products that you try. Microbeads are usually listed as polyethylene, polymethyl methacrylate in the ingredients section of products, so make sure you look out for these ingredients
  • If you find that your skincare products do contain microbeads, then swapping for more eco-safe products like zk’in’ Clarifying Exfoliator is the way to go! With ingredients like Aloe Vera which works against acne and coffee which is a natural exfoliator for the skin this product would be a better option to achieve that baby skin we all low key wish for!


zk’in works towards achieving that natural skin care treatment in no time! Pair zk’in’ Clarifying Exfoliator with the Rejuvenating Moisturiser (which also has no microbeads) for a more smooth, hydrated skin which might even hide the dehydrated face from constant partying or workload!


Guest blogger: Maryam Aziz


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