Supercharge winter hydration with a little rose

With colder days around the corner, proper hydration is our number one tip when it comes to keeping your complexion looking healthy this winter. That seems simple enough, and yet in practice, we’ve all struggled with remembering to reach for a glass of water consistently, especially when we feel colder.

It can also be tempting to quench thirst with soda or a cheeky glass of prosecco, but let’s face it: these drinks don’t do your skin any favours, and being loaded with sugar and additives, they can even sabotage your quest for a glowing complexion.

So what’s the alternative? This winter, the zk’in team is reaching for colorful, nutrient-packed all-natural infusions that offer extensive health (and skin-beautifying!) benefits beyond just hydration.

Rose infused water has got to be the teams favourite. Beyond being elegant, delicious and refreshing, this potent infusion is credited with health benefits ranging from relieving stress to combating allergies.Rose water infusion can help hydrate the skin from the inside, helping you maintain skin elasticity and a healthy glow.

Additionally, rose water can alleviate fluid retention and inflammation. Being naturally soothing, rose is great to ingest if you're suffering from blemishes or acne. Rose water is believed to have anti-ageing properties, helping manage the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark spots and enlarged pores.

So how to get started with making your own rose infuse water at home? It's surprisingly effortless:

Refreshing Rose Infused Water

500ml of Filtered Water

Petals from 2 Organic Roses

2 Wedges of Lime

A handful of Strawberries

Place all ingredients in a mason jar or a large jug, add water and let it infuse in the fridge overnight. Serve with a couple of ice cubes.


This recipe is endlessly versatile and can be modified depending on what your skin and taste buds need. Try mint or basil leaves, blueberries, or even cardamom, and make sure to tag @zkinorganics on Instagram when sharing your creations!


Picture by @alphafoodie 


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