The Greener Your Room, The Happier Your Skin Is...

A simple step towards a better skin – houseplants! It’s weird to think that a typical houseplant could be so beneficial for our skin.

We know the usual biology about plants absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing out oxygen which we all as humans need desperately. But did we also know that house plants releasing this oxygen can actually be good for our skin?

As simple as it can be, houseplants are air purifiers which absorb the impurities in the air, taking it in as their food, and releasing oxygen, paving a way for acne free, even skin tone. Another not so shocking news about houseplants is that they’re stress relievers.

Relieving all your stress about that report you have to present to the CEO at 8am or that 3000-word essay you need to turn in the next day, houseplants will release all you stress with their serene vibes, controlling hormone levels which eventually lead to a clearer skin and breakout free skin! As plants are natural humidifiers, they freshen up the air with more oxygen helping you breathe easily.


Having indoor houseplants not only work for you skin, but also for your mind and health! A relaxed mind leads to lower blood pressure levels, less headaches and a stronger immune system. Indoor plants also help you stay attentive so why not get an indoor houseplant for yourself?


Here’s a list of indoor plants you can get easily!

  • Aloe Vera, air purifying qualities – make sure to keep it in a sunny spot
  • Snake Plant, better night sleep
  • Boston Fern, helps get rid of dry skin/noses or throats
  • Peace Lily, fights harmful toxins in the air (as aesthetic as it gets!)
  • Lavender, stress release


Guest blogger: Maryam Aziz


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