Excess oil & blemishes

Excess Oil & Blemishes - Our Organic Lotions & Treatments

If managed well, oily skin can be a blessing as it protects the skin and slows ageing. Blemishes and acne occur when oil or sweat glands are blocked by thick skin, dead cells or dried secretions and then infected by bacteria or fungi. The zk’in oily or combination skin collection features a range of clinically proven actives to control sebum, aid in the skin renewal process, refine pores, and mattify shine without stripping the skin of moisture, all are non comedogenic , dermatologically tested and proven non irritant - ideal for those with sensitive/combination skin types.

Purifying Cleansing Gel

Beauty Benefits: “Skin shine reduced by up to 90%**” zk’in...

Reduces Shine and Controls Oil - For Oily Skin

Natural Clear Skin Toner

Beauty Benefits: “Clear, Refined, Balanced”  Clear healthy skin loves to...

Clarifies and Refreshes Without Irritation

Natural Rebalancing Lotion

Beauty Benefits “Rebalances skin and mattes shine within 1 hour...

Creates All Day Matte Effect - For Oily Skin