Anti-Ageing Dry

Our All-Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare Products for Dry or Sensitive Skin


The decline in estrogen production once we enter our 50s naturally impacts the skin. Most women notice that their skin changes more during their 50s and especially once they enter menopause than at any other stage of their life. Common skin concerns at this life stage are itching, dryness, loss of elasticity, pronounced expression lines and pigmentation.

A decline in hormones can create a water and oil deficiency, making mature skin less supple, dry and itchy and wrinkles more pronounced.  The reduction in estrogen also increases melanin production, often leading to hyperpigmentation and age spots on areas of skin previously exposed to UV rays.


The zk’in  Anti-Ageing Dry  collection eases uncomfortable itching through a careful blend of skin soothing actives, increases elasticity through natural anti-aging clinical actives and targets UV damage through additional active organic ingredients.  Wrinkles are minimized with a powerful natural plant extract.  All products are dermatologically tested and proven non irritant.

Softening Cream Cleanser

Beauty Benefits: “Soften, Cleanse, Condition” Soften and condition your skin...

Hydrating Cleanser - For Normal, Dry and Mature Skin

Organic Rejuvenating Moisturiser

Beauty Benefits “Smoothes wrinkles and enhances skin appearance by up...

Anti-aging & Hydrating - For Normal, Dry & Mature Skin

Organic, Anti Ageing, Line Smoothing Serum

Beauty Benefits: “Quickly delivers visible skin smoothing results**” zk’in Certified...

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with zk'in Organic Eye Serum

Natural Hydrating Mist

Beauty Benefits: “50% reduction in redness after UV exposure**” Exposure...

Calming, Brightening Mist That Reduces Redness

Brightening & Hydrating Face Masque

Beauty Benefits: “68% overall improvement in skin appearance**” Enjoy smooth...

Smooths & Brightens for Fresh Looking Skin

Soothing Hand Cream by zk'in

Beauty Benefits: “Daily use for 7 days results in a...

Protective Soothing Hand Cream - For All Skin Types