Organic, Natural Skin Products to Use During Pregnancy

During pregnancy or breastfeeding it is recommended to avoid the use of essential oils and keep your skin care products to a minimum.


Our sensitive skin prescription is unscented and calming and free from all soy products which are known to exacerbate the "masque" of pregnancy. Being a new mum means you are forever washing your hands making them quickly dry out if you don’t take care of them. Our Soothing Hand cream is unscented and the perfect solution for new mums or mums to be.

Calming Cream Face Cleanser

Beauty Benefits: “Clean, Nourish, Soothe” At last, a non-lathering, alcohol-free...

Gentle Soothing Cleanser - For Sensitive Skin

COSMOS Certified Organic Relief Moisturiser

Beauty Benefits: “Promotes in-depth skin regeneration” Free sensitive, chronically dry...

Soothes & Replenishes - For Sensitive Skin

Soothing Hand Cream by zk'in

Beauty Benefits: “Daily use for 7 days results in a...

Protective Soothing Hand Cream - For All Skin Types