Redness & irritation

Organic Skincare for Redness, Irritation & Sensitive Skin

Many people describe themselves as having sensitive skin because they experience stinging, burning, redness or tightness after exposure to an irritant. Dermatitis, or eczema, is a broad term used to describe dry, itchy skin inflammations which manifest as red, blistered, or oozing skin. Sadly, the chemicals used in modern agriculture – the source of raw materials for cosmetics – are known skin irritants, which is why pesticide free organic skincare offers consumers a real, chemical free alternative. The zk’in sensitivity collection is free from skin irritants and gives real relief for sufferers of inflamed, sensitive skin. All products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and proven non irritant.

Calming Cream Face Cleanser

Beauty Benefits: “Clean, Nourish, Soothe” At last, a non-lathering, alcohol-free...

Gentle Soothing Cleanser - For Sensitive Skin

COSMOS Certified Organic Relief Moisturiser

Beauty Benefits: “Promotes in-depth skin regeneration” Free sensitive, chronically dry...

Soothes & Replenishes - For Sensitive Skin

Soothing Hand Cream by zk'in

Beauty Benefits: “Daily use for 7 days results in a...

Protective Soothing Hand Cream - For All Skin Types