Uneven skin tone

Address Uneven Skin Tone with our Proven Skincare Products

Dull skin can be radically improved with an exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. Uneven skin tone can also stem from UV exposure, estrogen fluctuations during pregnancy, or injury such as a swollen pimple which can leave a stubborn mark called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Selected zk’in products have been designed specifically to address uneven skin tone. All products are dermatologically tested and proven non irritant.

Natural Clear Skin Toner

Beauty Benefits: “Clear, Refined, Balanced”  Clear healthy skin loves to...

Clarifies and Refreshes Without Irritation

Natural Hydrating Mist

Beauty Benefits: “50% reduction in redness after UV exposure**” Exposure...

Calming, Brightening Mist That Reduces Redness

Brightening & Hydrating Face Masque

Beauty Benefits: “68% overall improvement in skin appearance**” Enjoy smooth...

Smooths & Brightens for Fresh Looking Skin