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left_comma As a naturopath in the making and an animal lover, I adore zk'in's natural and organic approach to skincare as well as their zero tolerance policy against animal testing and using animal ingredients. I absolutely love how soft and dewy my skin looks when I use zk'in products, particularly the rejuvenating moisturiser - just goes to show that you don't need to compromise on your beauty when opting for natural products!right_comma Read More


Tanisha Angel. -  Vegan Author ,


left_comma I'm extremely fussy on what I'll place on my skin. I love to smother aloes fresh from the garden on my face and body, essential oils, such as frankincense, along with cold pressed coconut oil or cacao butter! I'm also really enjoying the Zk'in range at the moment as it's all natural, organic, and very convenient, especially when I'm travelling. The brightening and hydrating masque works a treat, and includes cacao as well, perfect! Zk'in absorbs readily, non-greasy, beautiful productsright_commaRead More


Lisa Guy, ND. - naturopath and author ,
Reident Nutritonist Body & Soul Mag ,


left_comma I believe that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth. I feel strongly about using only 100% organic, natural skin care products that are free from toxic chemicals that could affect my health. That’s why I love and highly recommend ZK'IN natural skin care range right_comma Read More


Abigail O'Neill - Model & author of Model Chocolate ,


left_comma ZK'IN is simple. I love that I can pamper myself without worrying about what toxins are lurking beneath the label and what damage they are doing to my and my baby's skin. The range is extensive, innovative and perfect for me. My skin has never looked, felt or smelled better right_comma Read More


Valeria Ramirez - Holistic Health Coach ,


left_comma As a nutritionist, presenter and clean living crusader, living a chemical free lifestyle is paramount. My skin is a testament to living this lifestyle and when it comes to finding the ultimate 100% chemical free, sustainable, certified organic and vegan skin care range, ZK'IN ticks all the boxes and lives by its strong ethos of loving the earth whilst loving your skin, naturally right_comma Read More


Dayne Crocker - Clinical Nutritionist ,