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Organic Quillaja Bark Extract

Treats acne and reduces skin shine by reducing skin sebum, as proven in 2 independent clinical trials. The trials stated that the extract:

  • Washed away impurities in the skin
  • Was delicate to sensitive facial skin
  • Skin less shiny by up to 90%
  • Made pores less evident
  • Reduced acne lesions by up to 62%
  • Use resulted in a fresh, clean effect


Trial 1

 Case Studies trial1

L. Rigano*- A.Bonfigli** Rigano Industrial Consulting & Research* ISPE** Milan


Trial 2

Case Studies trial2

L. Rigano*, A. Bonfigli**, R. Walther***


Paracress extract (Gatuline Expression)

  • Clinical trial conducted to confirm Wrinkle minimising effect of the extract. 15 volunteers used product twice daily for 28 days. Results of trial were impressive, 75% of volunteers achieved results the day following first application.
  • While the results from Gatuline Expression are dose dependent and reversible, the studies showed the positive cumulative effect of daily use over a period of time (28 days)


Case Studies clinicaltest


Organic Brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) extract (Maritech Reverse)

  • Clinical studies have shown that Maritech Reverse impedes skin breakdown while preserving natural collagen to enhance overall skin appearance by up to 68%
  • Smoothes wrinkles and improves elasticity by up to 67%
  • Clinical evaluation of the protective and soothing effects of this ingredient confirms Maritech® Reverse protects skin against UV radiation and soothes skin by decreasing redness and increasing moisture retention following UV exposure. A truly hydrating ingredient.
  • In-vitro studies confirm the powerful inhibitory properties of Maritech® Reverse against enzymes closely associated with skin ageing and the glycation process

Case Studies invitro


Organic Cotton Thistle extract (Gatuline Skin Repair Bio)

  • assists the skin's natural repair and renewal process while reinforcing the skin's natural barrier preventing moisture loss.
  • Powers the natural repair processes in skin damaged by trauma, by burning or by dermatological procedures (such as peeling or dermbrasion)
  • The repairing action of Gatuline Skin Repair Bio was tested in a clinical trial on skin damaged by stripping, using a Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) test. The results from 15 women (aged from 18 to 61 years) show Gatuline Skin Repair Bio provides a 30% improvement of the TWEL after 7 days (equal to 5 applications of product)


Case Studies twel

Case Studies img


Organic Brown seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) extract (Maritech Bright)

  • Containing 90% fucoidan-polyphenol complex, Maritech® Bright has a potent anti-oxidant effect to aid in skin brightening
  • Clinical study shows extract reduces redness after UV exposure by 50% after just 2 hours as well as reducing water loss to improve skin moisturisation by 25%
  • A second clinical study has shown that Maritech® Bright is safe, non- sensitizing and Highly Effective at brightening skin, enhancing radiance and visibly reducing age spot pigmentation


  Case Studies reduction

Case Studies rduction2


White Willow Bark extract

  • Natural source of salicylic acid to act as anti inflammatory for inflamed acned skin
  • Enhances cell turnover by up to 25% in clinical trial Natural anti microbial agent


Case Studies cellrenewal


Plankton extract (EPS Seamat)

  • Absorbs excess sebum on the skin's surface
  • Overall anti-shine effect on the skin after 1 hour
  • Reduces shine in the forehead, cheeks and chin after 1 hour
  • Not dehydrating – clinical trial 2 found skin to be more hydrated after use. EPS Seamat absorbs sebum without attacking or harming the epidermis maintaining moisture levels.
  • Light and fluid texture


Trial 1 – skin shine reduction

Case Studies clinicaltest

Trial 2 - Hydration

Case Studies clinical2