hAs a nutritionist, presenter and clean living crusader, living a chemical free lifestyle is paramount. My skin is a testament to living this lifestyle and when it comes to finding the ultimate 100% chemical free, sustainable, certified organic and vegan skin care range, ZK'IN ticks all the boxes and lives by its strong ethos of loving the earth whilst loving your skin, naturally!


Dayne Crocker - Profile

Dayne Crocker - Clinical Nutritionist

Dayne specialises in examining daily diet and lifestyle to establish any dietary deficiencies that may be impacting on health. After working on a community development project in Sri Lanka, Dayne decided to study Nutrition in the hope of motivating as many people as possible to lead not only a wholefood lifestyle, but a chemical free one. Dayne specialises in digestive disorders, skin, detoxification & cardiovascular health.

His positive outlook and zest for life are infectious and Dayne is regularly featured on TV and in national/international magazines. Dayne regularly hosts corporate seminars for clients including Virgin and Amex and is an enthusiastic media ambassador for Sunwarrior and Synergy Natural. Dayne’s passion is to empower all with the skills and knowledge to live a wholefood lifestyle full of abundance.

Dayne Crocker,