• Are your products gluten free?

    First, none of the zk’in products contain wheat, rye or barley.

    However, many products in the zk’in range contain colloidal oatmeal due to its usefulness in soothing itchy, inflamed skin and treating eczematic skin conditions.  Oats are not related to gluten-containing grains as they do not contain gluten, but rather proteins called avenins. These are non-toxic and tolerated by most coeliacs (perhaps less than 1% of celiac patients show a reaction to a large amount of oats in their diets) (Source: http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/archives/faq/do-oats-contain-gluten)

    According to the latest research:

    “If you have coeliac disease, then the application of gluten containing products to the skin should not be a problem, unless you have skin lesions that allow gluten to be absorbed systemically in great quantities."

    “The reason why this should not be a problem is that, based on what we know right now, it is the oral ingestion of gluten that activates the immunological cascades leading to the autoimmune process typical of celiac disease

    The bottom line: There is no scientific evidence that the use of gluten-containing products (wheat, barley, rye or oat avenins proteins) when not ingested is harmful to persons with gluten intolerance, unless you have skin lesions that allow gluten to be absorbed systemically in great quantities.

    Our zk'in founder, Grace Culhaci, is coeliac and also allergic to ingested oats, but uses a range of zk'in products everyday with no reaction.

  • Is Parfum a synthetic material? If so, why is it in your products?

    When shopping for personal care products, you are right to be cautious when you see the listing 'Parfum' on an ingredient panel. This is because this is a generic classification that is used to legally list a variety of ingredients including some that are considered toxic or sensitising. The best thing you can do in these cases is to contact the manufacturer for further clarification.

    While Parfum can be used to describe synthetic fragrances, in this instance it is a completely natural blend of vegetal derived fragrances obtained by fractional steam distillation. We have had to list "Parfum " on our ingredient panels because it is the correct INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) for one of the natural preservatives we use called Naticide. There is no alternative legal way to list this ingredient.

    Naticide is manufactured in Italy and is essentially a blend of fragrance components which have been extracted from plant materials (see attached statement).  This ingredient is free from the 26 allergens listed in the EU for cosmetic products. The natural anti-microbial properties found in the plants is heightened once they are isolated and provide the products with broad spectrum anti-microbial activity which is why we include the notation (natural preservative) to give an indication to the consumer of its purpose in the product.

    The exact components and their proportions are proprietary but their technical data has been submitted to our certifying body Australian Certified Organic (ACO) who have declared it natural and safe for use in an organic cosmetic/skincare product.

    In 2012, it was reviewed again, the technical data was scrutinised and the material ruled compliant. Here you can see ACO's review outcome notification for your reference and the Safety Assessment from the manufacturer. In 2013 the material was reviewed by COSMOS and approved for use in an organic cosmetic/skincare product.

    Additionally, if you want more information on how safe or toxic zk’in products are, you can check out the report that ThinkDirty, a business outside of the organic industry, conducted on our entire product range and put into their mobile app.

    To be part of the app, cosmetic brands and their products undergo rigorous testing, ingredient by ingredient, to be evaluated and given a Think Dirty rating. These ratings are out of 10 for each ingredient, based on its toxicity levels and overall risk to the buyer, and an overall score is given to the product itself.

    A score of 8-10 means the product has potential serious negative long term health effects, while a score of 0-3 means that there are no ingredients which have a potential negative health impact. We have received a score of 0-3 on our entire skincare range and are very confident in the safety of our products!

  • Do your products contain Palm Oil?

    5 out of the 12 products in the new zk’in range contain a small (less than 0.5%) amount of sustainable palm derivative (cetearyl olivate). 

    However, all the other products are Palm derivative free including our new cream cleanser products. We have also been able to source Palm free versions of those raw materials that are often flagged as containing Palm or Palm derivatives (for example, glycerin).

    Every zk'in product is clearly marked as either Palm Oil free or containing Sustainable Palm Oil for full transparency on shelf.
    This is clearly listed on both the website and the packaging.

    The 5 products containing a palm derivative are:

    Rebalancing Lotion
    Rejuvenating Moisturiser
    Relief Moisturiser
    Soothing Hand Cream
    Line Smoothing Serum

    The remainder of the range is Palm Oil free.

  • What Vitamins are in zk’in products?

    The following products in the zk'in range contain Vitamin E - listed as Tocopherol (non GMO) natural Vitamin E  on the ingredients listings:

        Soothing Hand Cream
        Brightening & Hydrating Masque
        Softening Cream Cleanser
        Calming Cream Cleanser
        Rejuvenating Moisturiser
        Rebalancing Lotion
        Relief Moisturiser

    Vitamin A in food is available in two forms, retinol and beta-carotene. Retinol is found in animal products and beta-carotene in fruits and vegetables

    Vitamin A  (or retinol) when used in cosmetics is actually not naturally derived but synthetically produced and therefore not permitted in organic products.


    Due to our vision of creating vegan and cruelty free skincare, our organic products use the plant based version of Vitamin A in beta-carotene.


    Selected products in the zk'in range contain Rosehip oil, which contains natural Vitamin A in the beta-carotene form as well as natural Vitamin C.
    These products are:

        Softening Cream Cleanser
        Line Smoothing Serum
        Rejuvenating Moisturiser

    If you are seeking to protect your collagen levels with Vitamin A, we encourage you to read about our Rejuvenating Moisturiser.  This not only contains Rosehip oil, but also a potent seaweed extract (fucoidan) which has been clinically proven to protect your collagen skin's collagen.

  • Are your products vegan?

    The entire zk’in range is vegan - we have absolutely no interest in using animal based ingredients as we view that practice as unsustainable and completely unnecessary.  Some suppliers don’t like it when we drill down into the components of their materials but we won’t proceed with a material unless we see proof its vegan – we’ve had to enter into a lot of confidentiality agreements to be given open access to their component origins. 

    For example: Plankton extract features in our Rebalancing Lotion for its mattifying properties.  There are three types of plankton: animal, plant and bacteria so for a vegan more information is required to ensure a product truly is cruelty free.  To guide the vegan consumer we specify on pack Plankton extract (bacterio genus) so that you can be sure we have investigated and know the origin of the material we use. 


  • Are your products cruelty free?

    Yes, the entire zk’in range is cruelty free.  zk’in is a Choose Cruelty Free licensee and proudly bears the not tested on animals bunny logo.



    zk’in undergoes an annual reaccreditation with Choose Cruelty free providing statements from every supplier confirming their no animal testing policies.  In this way you can be sure that not only do we as a company not test on animals but each and every supplier that we work with shares this belief. 

  • Are your products organic?

    Yes, every product in the zk’in range is certified organic under the COSMOS standard.  Our certification body is Australian Certified Organic and we have an on-site audit of our factory each year.


    The organic percentages of each zk’in product are clearly listed on pack and on our ingredients listings on each product page on the website. 

    Our skin is our barrier to the world, so it makes sense to look after it and not expose it to chemicals that could compromise its effectiveness.  Many pesticides used to grow crops contain known skin irritants which consumers unwittingly transfer to their skin via their cosmetic products.  Organic skincare made from pesticide free organic raw materials offers consumers relief from skin irritants plus delivering real skin nourishing benefits.

  • Hello! I am wondering if your packaging is recyclable or biodegradable? Thanks!

    zk’in packaging complies with food grades standards and is free from BPA. We only use recyclable PET, PP and PE packaging and manufacture our outer packaging from board created from sustainable and well-managed forests.