zk'in Rewards Program

We've created zk'in  rewards points to ensure you get rewarded for every purchase you make via the webstore. Simply create a customer account then you'll automatically earn 2 zk'in points for every $1 spent. Use your zk'in points like cash to attract a discount at checkout or save them up to redeem your favourite product for free!

Above all else community means discussion, sharing and learning so when you engage with us you earn zk'in points (so if you haven’t yet subscribed to our newsletter or followed us on social media now is a good time to start)!
To check your zk'in points balance, simply log into your account at and click on the loyalty points tab at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 


How to earn zk'in loyalty points?

Create a Customer Account

Earn 160 points when you create your account. This is essential to start earning zk'in points. 

Online Purchase

Earn 2 zk'in points for every $1 spent in the webstore

Product review

Write a review on the website about one of our products and you will earn 50 points as soon as your review is approved and published. 

Newsletter Subscription

Earn 50 points by subscribing to our newsletter (Limit of 1 subscription)

Social Media Engagement

Using the social media engagement tools on our webstore you will earn 5 points for each like, share and tweet (Limit five of each per week)

Refer to or Share with a Friend

Use our refer friends option to offer your friends a 10% discount on their next purchase. Offer can be made via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.and you will earn 150 points as soon as your friend uses their referral discount coupon


Because getting older isn't a bad thing we offer you an exceptional gift of 200 points on your birthday (equivalent to a $10 discount).  


Review acceptance criteria

The purpose of the program is to share your genuine experience with others and to describe your experience. To enable this to happen we verify if you have tried the product through your purchase history or if you have shared this product with your friends. Therefore, if you have not tried the product you will not be able to receive points for writing a review. Your review may also be declined if limited to one or two words, for example “awesome” or “really good”, as it is not meaningful to others.

Membership Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any zk’in rewards program membership and revoke any and all unredeemed reward points collected by any member for reasons that include, but are not limited to:

1) misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this Program;

2) commission of fraud or abuse involving any portion of this Program;

3) more than one active account per member; or

4) action, in any other way, to the detriment of the Program all as may be determined by zk’in in its sole discretion.

Changes in Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change, limit, modify or cancel Program Terms and Conditions, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, rewards and reward levels in whole or part at any time, even though changes may affect the value of points or rewards already accumulated. You will be bound by any such changes.

Notice of Changes.

Any such changes will be shown in these Terms and Conditions on the company website and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise.


Points are valid for 12 months / Points can not be used to pay for freight. / Points only redeemable via the webstore