ss As a naturopath in the making and an animal lover, I adore zk'in's natural and organic approach to skincare as well as their zero tolerance policy against animal testing and using animal ingredients. I absolutely love how soft and dewy my skin looks when I use zk'in products, particularly the rejuvenating moisturiser - just goes to show that you don't need to compromise on your beauty when opting for natural products!


Tanisha Angel - Profile

Tanisha Angel is a Sydney based bachelor of health science (naturopathy) student, cookbook author, food and lifestyle blogger and raw dessert creator. Over the past two years she has inspired and influenced thousands of people to transition to a healthier, more ethical lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life both mentally and physically. She has written two vegan recipe ebooks; Tanisha Angel's vegan recipe book, and Tanisha Angel's raw vegan dessert book, which have both been touted as inspiring, easy to follow and helpful in adding variety to one's diet!

Tanisha Angel,