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Valeria Ramirez - Profile

Valeria Ramirez - Holistic Health Coach

Founder of The Well Nest, Personal Trainer Valeria Ramirez is committed to creating happiness through healthiness. Her holistic approach to health and wellness takes into consideration all aspects of health that reside outside the "energy in, energy out" model used by most trainers. Through her experience as a Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach, Valeria has created a unique program called Six Week Fit Fest that focuses on celebrating health and fitness rather than dreading it. Using elements from Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training and Kettlebell Training, each session is a balance of Yin and Yang, focusing on opening, strengthening and supporting the female body. While her girls work extra hard, the focus isn’t about losing rather on gaining strength, mobility, speed, agility and coordination. Each Fit Fest also includes a Nutrition and Self Care workshop that gives her girls all the tools they need to support their commitment and their bodies.

Working with busy CEOs and business owners Valeria saw that most of her clients, despite their best intentions, had no time to prepare the right food to support their health and wellness goals. This inspired the creating of The Well Nest Kitchen which delivers healthy, wholesome, organic snacks and treats to your door. Valeria juggles both businesses along with being a mama and student, while still finding time to train and look after herself and her family. She believes balance is attainable, it's about educating yourself and making priorities.

Valeria holds a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, is a certified Holistic Health Coach and is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine).